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Liv Inge

A little about Liv...

Liv's love of traditional Eastern medicine began with a trip to Japan for a modelling assignment back in the late 90's. Here, she experienced the healing effects of meridian therapy via acupressure. The toll taken by long-haul flights - poor blood circulation, confused sleep patterns, aches and pains - melted away with the informed touch of her therapist.​ 


Some years later, initiated by a year's apprenticeship under renowned aromatherapist and alchemist Michelle Roques O'Neil, Liv's interest in Chinese meridian theory led her to obtain a BSc in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture at the prestigious College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. From there, she began practicing at The Brackenbury Clinic, London, before moving to the country and joining the team at The Wellbeing Clinic, Calne, Wiltshire.​ 


Liv's passion for treating via natural methods is palpable. "With good health, Qi flows smoothly throughout the body. However, 21st century lives are chaotic, stressful and exhausting. Qi and Blood gets congested and weakens. To help relieve symptoms and reinstate the flow of Qi, I use a tool kit that consists of acupuncture, guasha, cupping and massage. This is not an exhaustive list - I'm forever learning new methods."​ 


The Evening Standard hailed Liv as a "Wellness Warrior", while one patient called her a "Hayfever Whisperer". ​

Having completed her Diploma in Paediatrics in 2019, Liv treats all ages from baby to wrinkly, all are welcome.​​

Liv Inge Acupuncture

Liv's Approach

Liv has one aim - to help you live free from pain. Our bodies want to heal, to be in equilibrium. But life has a habit of throwing boulders in our way. It's a lot to service our selves by ourself. Much like a piano has clarity of song once tuned, an Acupuncturist tunes the body and mind using tiny, stainless steel needles.

The skills Liv has passionately studied for over the years, come from traditional, holistic and (mostly) ancient eastern healing systems that have stood the test of time. Nothing lasts long if it doesn't work!


Five Element, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master Tung/Dr Tan, are her go-to guides for medical theory. She loves how these theories understand our nuances and complexities in poetic and human ways, for we are more than the sum of our parts! "Where western medicine zooms in on an area with topical creams/surgery, Chinese medicine flips the binoculars to view the person as a whole, to see where the root of the malaise is coming from and how it manifests. Everything is interconnected, nothing stands alone, no thing is above another. This theory mimics nature and is the philosophy I subscribe to." ​

For those who prefer a more hands on approach, Liv recently upgraded her massage tool kit to include sports massage and hot stones. These disciplines bring an extensive understanding of body mechanics as well as using heat to treat the deep!

With health comes clarity of thought, we make better decisions at work, in the home and those we choose to spend time with. Acupuncture and massage have the ability to bring out the best version of you. It's not magic, it's medicine!

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